Backup your data NOW! Over the last few months several nasty encryption type virus’ have been making the rounds on the web. By clicking on a link, normally on an email, a small program gets installed on computers which encrypts all documents, pics, music and then holds users to ransom by telling them to get their data back they must pay for an encryption key via a ‘deep web’ website.

Our advice is, back up your data onto an external hard drive or cloud service now as the encryption these pieces of Ransomware use are real and in most cases it is impossible to get your data back – and I personally would not recommend attempting to pay the ransom, as by doing so there is a very good chance your credit card will be emptied.

There have been occasions when we have managed to retrieve users data but it is a 50/50 chance and depends on what shadow areas on the computer have been left intact. If you have been hit by an attack like this give us a call and we can try to recover your data for you, and ensure your computer / laptop is clean so you are not attacked again.
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