Here at Paphos PC Repair we offer a professional Website Design Service for businesses and residents living and working around Cyprus and beyond.  In today’s world having a web presence is essential as Google is now the first port of call when people are looking up information or sourcing new places / businesses to suit their needs.

Website Design in Paphos – how we can help

At Paphos PC Repair we offer a full range of Website Design services including:

Basic 1 page advertisement type webpages
This type of webpage is suitable for small businesses / freelancers who just need a simple webpage to advertise their services.

Personal / Business themed websites optimised for Google and Bing
This is the most popular form of website and is really the way most people will go if they want their website to have a good ranking presence in the likes of Google, Yahoo & Bing. Most websites will consist of 6 – 10 pages of information and can have blogging platforms included.

Fully blown website shops
e-commerce web-shops have become a really popular way of selling via the internet but do require quite a lot of work to keep them updated and ranking on search engines.

CMS – Content Management Systems
CMS systems are now becoming the most popular way of creating websites.  Some people still prefer html hard coded sites but one of the main advantages of using a CMS system is the ease with which it can be updated and added to by the owner of the website themselves (with no prior coding knowledge).  Website security is also a must in this day and age and CMS systems provide the user with very robust security used by millions of people around the world.

Mobile Friendly Websites
A must in today’s Mobile / Smart Phone age.  To rank well in Google having a site which is mobile friendly is no longer a good idea, it is essential.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is quite often an overwhelming prospect to many computer users who just want their website to rank well in Google but have no knowledge of how to achieve it.  There is no short cuts or easy ways to do this but here at Paphos PC Repair we can help with getting your website to the top of the Google Rankings.

We also offer high speed, secure web servers to host websites on.
Why not give us a call to see how we can help or drop us an email.