Today’s Tip: Help! my Windows 10 Start Menu is not working!

A common problem with Windows 10 is that at times, especially after your computer has done the dreaded Microsoft Update, users find that when they click on the small Windows icon at the bottom left of the desktop screen, the Windows 10 Start Menu does not pop up.

A possible fix

One possible fix is to reboot your computer into safe mode, click on the Start Button, watch the Start Menu appear (Hopefully!!), and then reboot your computer into normal mode again.  So how do you reboot into safe mode when you cannot access the start menu?

The easiest way is to simply press CTRL, ALT & DELETE at the same time.  This will open up a screen with several options.  At the bottom right of the screen you will see a power icon.

To reboot into safe mode hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then with your mouse click on the Power Icon and select Restart.

After a few seconds (or maybe more than a few – just keep waiting – and keep the SHIFT key pressed down) another Window will appear.  Select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Start Up Settings then Restart.  Your computer will now restart and you will see yet another new screen after the reboot.  Select option 4 from the list (by pressing the number 4 on the keyboard) and your computer will now restart into Safe Mode.

Once in safe mode, login as normal and wait maybe 30 seconds for things to load.  Try the Start Button and if it works click START, POWER ICON, and then RESTART, to restart the computer again.  Hopefully your Start Menu issue will now be resolved.

If your Start Menu still fails to load then you may need to call out one of our Paphos Computer Repair Technicians.  We cover all of the Paphos area and our call outs are free.

(Note: all of the steps above you try at your own risk.  Paphos PC Repair takes no responsibility for any damaged caused to your computer by attempting this DIY fix.)


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