With all of the storms that are around the Paphos area at the moment quite a few people have called us regarding Internet issues and disruptions. The best advice we can give is that if your internet goes off, first try one of two things before calling anyone out.

1. Leave it for a little while – many people around Paphos receive their broadband via a wireless network. If one of the main transmitters acquire a problem due to storm weather, no matter what you try in your own home you will not resolve the problem. Many of the companies are quite proficient at dealing with transmitter issues quite quickly so give it a few hours and see if your internet returns.

2. Try restarting your router and your computer. Turn off all plugs relating to your internet at the power socket for a least 30 seconds (and turn of your PC or Laptop also) and then turn everything except your computer back on. Wait a few minutes then turn on your computer. Quite often IP address issues can cause issues with internet connections and a simple reset of all equipment can resolve the problems. In addition, if you have a MAG box or an Android box for TV, then you should also restart these after restarting your router. This will avoid any IP address conflicts.

If your internet is still not working after trying the above, then give us a call and we may be able to talk you through a few more diagnostic steps to help resolve the problem for you.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year.

Paphos PC Repair